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April McCallum is an illustrator and cartoonist who is also the creator of a group of advocacy art collections that speak to issues of Women’s Freedom from Oppression, Breast Cancer Awareness and Adoption.  She is also a writer, blogger, advocate, synergist and lover of life! 

PurplePassion for Life™ is a Collection of Advocacy Art by April McCallum. This collection supports a woman’s (and girl’s) basic human right to life and liberty–to live with dignity and purpose, free from fear and oppression.

You will find colorful and unique (“sophisticated sass”) illustrations & cartoons on products for gifts, charity & fundraising causes. A creative way to raise awareness and draw attention to the global issues of Violence & the Oppression of Women.


You might also be interested in other Advocacy Art Collections by April McCallum.

Breast Cancer Awareness: PinkPassion for Life™  is a sassy collection of art supporting Breast Cancer Awareness — “Raising Eyebrows & Making Memorable Impressions™”

Orphans & Adoption: Kiss of Life™ is a delightful collection of art supporting Orphans & Adoption — “Celebrating Life & Adoption — Because Every Life Matters™”

Pet Adoption & Animal Rescue: WhiskerLove™ is a fun collection of art supporting Pet Adoption & Animal Rescue – “Save a Whisker, Share the Love™”

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