The Devil in the Details

You’ve heard the expression, “The devil is in the details.” The little things that make a difference in the outcome of something. The slightest, sometimes obscure and seemingly insignificant things that if done differently, would have–could have–altered an outcome. In which case, I prefer to say, “God is in the details.” There’s an assurance that even if we’ve done all we can, if somewhere along the way we inadvertently missed some particular point that could make all the difference, someone would be looking out for us.

Of course, life doesn’t always work out that way. But, we do have control over our thoughts. And as such, we can begin to view things in a different light. We can look for the one little ray of sunshine even in the storms. We can ask ourselves if there’s anything we’ve missed in the bigger picture. We can be more intentional in looking for ways we might add positivity or strength to another person’s world. We can look for God in the details, and if we invite him, we may just find him looking back at us.

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