Codependency: Balancing an Unbalanced Relationship

In her new mini-book, Codependency: Balancing an Unbalanced Relationship, award-winning author and speaker, June Hunt says:

“Codependency is a relationship addiction. A codependent is anyone who is dependent on another person to the point of being controlled or manipulated by that person.”

So what drives people to unhealthy dependency?  Hunt says, “Everyone is created with three God-given inner needs–the need for love, for significance, and for security.” When those needs get confused, we can get off track veering into unhealthy zones in our relationships, and also how we think about ourselves.

Our significance and self-value cannot come from another person. We are not meant to meet all of another person’s needs or desires. Likewise, we should never expect, imply, or demand that of another person. Positive and healthy relationships are bi-directional, balancing needs and desires while respecting the necessity for both boundaries and compromise.

Here is her quick checklist. You are in a codependent relationship if:

  • Your excessive care causes you to compromise your convictions
  • Your excessive loyalty leaves you without healthy boundaries
  • Your excessive “love” (note the quotemarks) allows you to say yes when you should say no

This booklet includes biblical-based truths about self-worth, definitions and check-lists to help you assess co-dependendent thinking and behaviors, characteristics and causes of codependency, practical steps to recovery, and ultimate freedom.

About the Author

Author June Hunt

June Hunt is a biblical counselor whose award-winning radio program “Hope for the Heart” is heard on nearly 900 radio outlets around the world. She is a sought-after public speaker on topics such as crisis counseling, child abuse, forgiveness and self-worth. She’s also developed a scripturally based counseling course covering topics including depression and anger, marriage, parenting, stress, suicide, and more. Her “Hope for the Heart” booklets have been translated into 27 languages.

Look for all 25 of the Hope For The Heart mini-books − These books are for men and women who are seeking restoration from circumstances like codependency, anger, conflict, verbal & emotional abuse, and depression.

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