VICTORIOUS: An Interview with Singer-Songwriters Tito and Jessica Tosado


VICTORIOUS is a newly released album by singer-songwriter, husband and wife team, Tito and Jessica Tosado. Their catalytic songs of awakening, inner healing, and anthems of praise define their signature sound. Get a taste for who they are and what they’re about in my interview below.

Q: First of all, congratulations on your brand new album!

A: Thank you for this opportunity!

Q: What is the essence or core message of this album?

A: The purpose of this album is to bring encouragement to anyone who hears it. That it can serve as language in prayer as well as be an onramp to experience God’s presence and love.

Q: What is the meaning behind the title of your album, “Victorious”?

A: Victorious has a two-fold meaning. One is the position of the believer who has gone through many obstacles and rough times but has leaned on God, and in the end will come out Victorious. Secondly, it’s about who God is in every situation. He is ALWAYS Victorious.

Q: It’s a big deal to have a dream that’s about to become a reality. But to be able to share in that same dream as a couple must just shoot you to the stars! How does it feel to have a shared vision and then to see it all come together in this album?

16938616_977724168994034_3214193466858908623_nA: Well, it honestly feels amazing! To be able to share a common goal with someone other than yourself is way more fun. One can put a thousand to flight but two can put ten thousand to flight. What’s fun about working together is the counter-culture we get to present to others. Modern ways of thinking are built on self-focus and independence. The ability to work together allows for us to consider each other, lay down entitlements and work in an interdependent way. His kingdom way is so much more fun!

Q: Have you both been musically inclined your entire lives?

A: (Jessica) Yes. It all started when I was 4-years-old and I started singing to Little Mermaids, “Part Of Your World.” (Laughs.)

A: (Tito) Not for me. I had no musical influence throughout my life apart from my love for musicals. Playing music didn’t become part of my life until the day I got saved and the desire to worship God was birthed.

Q: What or who were your early musical influences that helped in some way, shape who you are today?

A: (Jessica) The musical influences in my life were Rachel Lampa, Yolanda Adams, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion and Shania Twain. I really enjoy vocalists that portray emotion in there songs and tell a story.10423273_10153984681317028_5013986317083391874_n

A: (Tito) My musical influence that shaped my starting years, and still to this day, is the worship artist from IHOP-KC (International House of Prayer, Kansas City) Misty Edwards. Her life, worship and her reach for something more was the “inspirational spark.” Just like her, I wanted my music to match my hunger for Jesus.

Q: What do each of you appreciate most about having the “gift of song”?

A: (Jessica) What I enjoy about singing is that I get to give back to God everyday my song and that I get to share it with others. The ability that someone can experience God the way that I experience Him through song is a miracle that divinely connects us together in God. One of the things that I most enjoy about singing is the different genres and styles of music. As a singer, I am also a messenger, and I get to match God’s message to music that I feel most relays the message. And its cool!

A: (Tito) What I enjoy about having the ability to use music as a gift, is the creative way to reach individuals. Music throughout history has been an amazing tool to instruct, describe, motivate and encourage. The ability to now take the word of God through scripture and prophecy and put it to music is amazing!

Q: When did you know that singing was going to be a central part of your lives?

A: We felt singing became a central part of our lives during our time together being involved in the House of Prayer. Our intentions were never that our lives would encompass much around singing but it’s been amazing to see God use this as a tool in His hands.

Q: Does your style fit into a specific genre?

14440633_10208992663688067_8318495817331016299_nA: Well, we are not very good at answering this question only because both of us have so many influences that have shaped our style. We currently have songs that sound R&B, Theatrical, Alternative, Gospel/Soul and Mainstream. But if we were to categorize our latest album, we feel like it would fit in the Alternative category.

Q: Do either of you play an instrument?

A: Yes, we both play the Piano. Self-taught too!

Q: What were the biggest obstacles in moving from singing at various events to getting an album produced?

A: The biggest obstacle was finding the right person to produce our music. It was important to us that the person was spirit-filled and after God’s heart. Furnace Music was that spirit-filled group of individuals that took the small seed of faith concerning our music and made it move mountains. We are truly thankful for that community and to Nick Rector.

Q: The title of your first single is, “Winning.” What do you hope to convey with this song?

A: Our hope is that this song will inspire listeners to feel worthy of His Love. That Jesus sees them worthy so much that He willingly laid down His life. Because of this truth, especially when it is coupled with a heart that believes, all forms of shame and condemnation are completely disarmed. Jesus wants us to stand victorious with Him. He won so that means we won as well. We are seated with Him in heavenly places!

Q: Tito, what’s one word you would use to describe Jessica?

A: Steadfast.

Q: Jessica, what’s one word you would use to describe Tito?

A: Faithful.

Q: What’s one bit of trivia that most people don’t know about each of you?

A: (Jessica) I went to college to study Psychology but never got my degree because I decided to go into full-time ministry.

A: (Tito) Most people don’t know that before I began worship leading I was the leader of a drama group. We would put on shows and travel across the state ministering through dance and acting.

Q: What’s one of your favorite things to do just for fun?

A: (Jessica) I love nature! I love exploring different places whether that be looking at the stars, sitting at the beach, hiking or fishing. Anything outdoors is fun for me. I also like trying and cooking new foods. As I do these things I love just to reflect on eternity, my purpose in life and how present God is at all times.

A: (Tito) I personally love various forms of art. Currently photography and fashion have been my recent fun activities to do. I have a dream in my heart to be able to somehow reach my generation of men through fashion and social media, to inspire them to not only dress their outsides but insides as well. That a generation of chivalrous mighty men filled with integrity will arise and be who they are made to be. Men filled with honesty, integrity, love and responsibility-takers.

Q: What advice would you give other people who are fearful or stuck in reaching out for their own dreams?

A: (Jessica) I would encourage them to just do it. Fear is a shadow and faith is the light that disperses the shadows. Part of faith is doing what we believe! Fear attempts to restrain us from living what we believe to be true. It says that if you try, you will immediately fail. But the truth is, it’s as easy as taking the first step. When we do that, we will learn to walk.17352387_996679570431827_3534030779256949098_n

A: (Tito) My advice would be to lean on God. Moments when I began leaning on my understanding or operating out of presumption, I always seemed to end up disappointed, hurt, rejected or discouraged. His ways are so much higher and seemingly different than my ways. Every time I come back to God and put those dreams back in His hands, the peace and hand of God becomes more evident throughout my life.

Q: If you could use only one word to describe how you hope listeners will feel after basking in your music, what would it be for each of you?

A: (Jessica) Hope.

A: (Tito) Faith.

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