Freedom Series by Michelle Borquez

The Freedom Series by multi-award winning author & speaker Michelle Borquez includes 12 mini-books focused on key issues that sabbotage women from living their lives to the fullest. Words, life circumstances, and choices that steal our courage, hope, and joy for life. The issues that hamper our ability to forgive or seek forgiveness, and the ability to truly see our future as it can be, which ultimately robs us of what we so desperately want, our freedom.

Topics that resonate with women include fear, abuse, shame, abandonment, divorce, lonlieness, self-value, and more. The primary purpose of this biblical-based series is to bring truth, healing, and hope to women who are caught in the lies that hold them down and keep them from breaking free and reclaiming the lives they were meant to live. This series created by Michelle Borquez presents a variety of authors and will be in book stores beginning in April. 

“Michelle Borquez is a bundle of energy; a veritable wellspring of love, joy, and enthusiasm; and an incredible communicator of a message that can transform the world. Her passion for her work is only exceeded by her compassion for those who hurt. She truly brings life, hope, and healing to everyone she encounters.” -Ken Abraham, New York Times bestselling author

About the Author

Author Michelle Borquez-Thornton

Michelle Borquez hosted and co-produced I-Life Television’s SHINE with Michelle Borquez on INSP. She has hosted and been a featured guest on hundreds of television and radio programs, including, NBC’s Midday Connection, The 700 Club, Life Today with James and Betty Robinson, Positively Texas, TBN, just to name a few. She founded Shine Magazine, a 40,000 subscriber publication for women featuring fashion, travel and health articles. As Editor-in-Chief, she interviewed well-known personalities such as First Lady Laura Bush, Anne Graham-Lotz, Michael W. Smith, Kurt Warner, Chuck and Gena Norris, Beth Moore, and many more. She is a prolific writer and passionate advocate and mentor for girls and women. 

Currently she is CEO of Bella Women Network (launching in June) featuring, Shine with Michelle Borquez along with other programs for women; Bella Bella Gifts; and founder and President of the Dream, Hope, Love foundation, a mentoring organization for young girls. Michelle travels and speaks with her God Crazy team of authentic, very cool, amazing women, and lives with her husband Michael and four children in Nashville, Tennessee.

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