The Freedom Center – Invisible: Slavery Today

Invisible: Slavery Today is the name of a permanent museum-quality exhibition on the subjects of modern-day slavery and human trafficking presented by The National Underground Railroad Freedom Center in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Slavery Today – Did You Know?

  • An estimated 12-27 million people are caught in one or another form of slavery
  • Between 600,000 and 800,000 are trafficked internationally
  • Nearly three out of every four victims are women
  • Half of modern-day slaves are children1

The Mission: To Tell the Story

The mission of the exhibition is to tell the story of the struggle for freedom in the United States. The Freedom Center does this through exhibits and programs that focus on America’s battle to abolish slavery and treat all its citizens with respect and dignity.

“Slavery cuts across nationality, race, ethnicity, gender, age, class, education-level, and other demographic features.”

The center offers interactive displays, education initiatives and community enhancement programs along with popular blogs that promote relevant discussion surrounding the critical issues of slavery and human trafficking.

The Goal: To Create Change

“Our purpose in presenting this information is to inspire you to action, in the spirit of the 19th Century Abolitionists, to pursue justice and freedom for all people”  –Donald W. Murphy, President & CEO

 Five of the most common forms of modern-day slavery (aka human trafficking) include:

  • Exploitation
  • Sex Trafficking
  • Forced Labor
  • Child Slavery
  • Domestic Servitude

The exhibition offers a comprehensive examination of slavery in the modern world through the life experiences of five individuals who were caught up in each of these forms of exploitation.

The Underbelly of Modern-Day Slavery

The exhibition also explores the causes of slavery, the economic forces that have contributed to its growth, and the response of government, the justice system and the general public to this scourge.

“Slavery’s business side — human trafficking — is a global enterprise that can involve not just criminal gangs, but also corrupt law enforcement, drug dealers, and even families”

The Invisible exhibition also includes a key section devoted to antislavery activities around the world especially through its partners, and challenges visitors to join with other 21st Century Abolitionists in the cause of freedom around the world.

For more information, read the Trafficking in Persons Report.

Visit the Invisible: Slavery Today website, or their partners in abolition: International Justice Mission, Free the Slaves, Polaris Project, Child Voice International, GlobalWeaveTransFair USA, DHS Blue Campaign

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Source: 1 The Freedom Center

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