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Being The Change

“Being the Change” is more than just giving money, time or talents to an issue. We can see that change is needed. We can understand that change needs to happen for things to get better. We can advocate for change by raising flags, issues, and our voices in an attempt to convince others of the necessity and benefit of it. But none of that can ever be enough.

The foundation of a culture is based around thoughts and beliefs (be it a culture within a society, family, or workplace). Those thoughts and beliefs drive expectations, set boundary lines in place, inform supply and demand, allow adjustments to the definitions of  “normal”, “worthy”, or “beneficial” according to popular belief. But popular belief isn’t necessarily right, just, or life-producing. That’s why thoughts are so powerful. They inform our belief systems. Decisions are made based on what people believe to be true (or good, or right, or profitable) whether they are in fact, or not.

If we really want to “be the change” (the positive difference-making change) we need to stop and think for ourselves. And ask questions, the right questions. Is this really justice, and why? Is this really “good” or “right”? For who, and on what basis? If it’s profitable, at who’s expense, and at what cost?

Once we know the truth, we can see if the reality of the culture is in alignment or not. If not,  it’s ultimately about adopting new mindsets and re-wiring our hearts toward a saner culture. Our thoughts and beliefs then begin to manifest in tangible ways that align with what is truly just, and right, and good, regardless of popular belief. “Being the change” is less about the externals and more about the internals. There really is strength in the power of one. It becomes more personal. It’s transformation from the inside out.

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