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NOT FOR SALE: Moving From Awareness To Action Against Modern-Day Slavery

“No longer can we stand by while 30 million people are enslaved”. Thinking about positive change is a beginning—like the planting of a seed. Talking about positive change is taking that idea to the next step, like watering it. But it is not enough to make a lasting difference.  Good ideas, like knowledge and awareness, will never affect true transformation. Like the seed that is planted and watered, without the light of truth and effective nurturing, it cannot thrive and gain the momentum of progressive evolution toward a solution. Not For Sale believes it’s time to shift gears by marrying movement with intelligent action.

So what is Not For Sale’s commitment to breaking the cycle of vulnerability and creating change at the root level of human trafficking and slavery? It is to provide a platform and issue a collective challenge for modern-day abolitionists to rise up and stand with those who are enslaved. To educate, inspire and invite people to move from the awareness phase to the action phase. They join forces to equip abolitionists in their quest to empower those who are enslaved to realize their freedom. That is success—remarkable, measurable success.

“We cannot act solo if we want to make an impact” -David Batstone

What does that collective challenge look like on the ground? Not for Sale combines technology, intellectual capital, abolitionist groups and a growing network of individuals working together for one purpose: to bring an end to human trafficking and modern-day slavery. To creatively, intelligently and strategically work together to literally set captives free.

We are living in a moment in time where the world’s interest and conscience are piqued by the topics of human rights and modern-day slavery. That’s why we cannot allow the sheer breadth and depth of its ugly and enormous reality cause us to become paralyzed to the point of inaction. It will take many moving parts working toward the same goal.

As Not For Sale rightly points out, “We live in a time and place where people are restless to do something”. Their approach promotes a holistic response that will best serve that collective goal. That’s why NFS presents us with opportunities that will bring students/universities, athletes, musicians, artists, communities of faith, justice, technology and business minds together. In order to bridge knowledge to action, they understand that, “The greatest of challenges demand the boldest and most creative initiatives.”

“Ending slavery in our lifetime depends on open-source activism” –David Batstone

Do you consider yourself a modern-day abolitionist? Do you and/or your peers want to learn more about human trafficking or find creative ways to “activate your activism”? Check out the Free2Work, Free2Play, and Free2Walk initiatives. Download the app to find out if the food you eat and the goods you buy are produced by slaves.  If you’re not sure how to apply your interests and skills in the movement, NFS has created an easy online tool to help point you in the right direction.  Consider taking an educational and life changing Immersion Trip, or sign up for The Academy, an abolitionist think-tank where NFS “incubates ideas to create solutions”.   

Hear the heart and journey of David Batstone, banking investor, educator, journalist and President/Co-Founder of Not For Sale in his own words.  

We cannot live in our present time and space and not be aware that human trafficking and modern-day slavery exists to some degree. Neither can we afford to live with our own conscience now awakened, yet stuck in the place of awareness… and do nothing.

How are you moving from awareness to action as an individual, organization or community?

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Buy the Book: “Not for Sale: The Return of the Global Slave Trade–and How We Can Fight It” by David Batstone

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Anne Geddes: Celebrating Motherhood

Anne Geddes, “photographer extraordinaire,” has not only captured our attention with her brilliant photography, but also our hearts and imaginations.  Her art draws and inspires us with the angelic faces of babies employing monochromatic to vibrant colors in both minimalistic yet extravagant settings. Her work is a tribute to life, pregnancy and the celebration of motherhood across the world.

Who else would have ever dreamed to capture images of babies tucked in pea pods, unfurling from exotic orchids, popping up from flower pots, sleeping peacefully atop bright orange pumpkins, or with peonies and cabbages crowning their tiny heads? That creative vision and precision of technique is what has, in part, set Anne Geddes apart in her field.

She is one of the world’s most respected and beloved photographers. The iconic images dreamed up by Anne Geddes were birthed from a “deeply held belief that each and every child must be protected, nurtured and loved.”

You can find the Timeless 2012 calendar and New Beginnings datebook 2012 among her recent projects, but her latest work, my Pregnancy™: A Woman’s Story, is her new quarterly magazine. In each issue nine women will tell their compelling stories of pregnancy, childbirth and the postnatal period accompanied by her distinct and remarkable work. 

“They are incredibly powerful stories, individual stories, also warm stories, sometimes very funny stories, and at times very sad stories… but always interesting… always compelling… and I just knew that if I found these stories so compelling, women around the world would feel the same.” -Anne Geddes

To learn more about Anne Geddes and her beautiful artwork, or most recent project, a tribute to pregnancy and motherhood, visit her website, blog or follow her on Twitter.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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The Price of Sex: A Trafficking Film by Photojournalist Mimi Chakarova


The Price of Sex: an Investigation of Sex Trafficking is a feature-length documentary by Photojournalist Mimi Chakarova about young Eastern European women who’ve been drawn into the dark world of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. 

 “I wish I’d never been born. I’d be better off dead than living like this.“ –Victim of Sex-Trafficking

The producer points out, “Sixty-four years after the UN General Assembly signed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we continue to witness the sale of human beings and the degradation of women’s bodies and minds.”

“It’s pure evil.  Plain and simple.” –Victim of Sex-Trafficking

Visit or click here to VIEW THE TRAILER

When Mimi Chakarova was asked in an interview by Stacey Harrison of Channel Guide Magazine what she’d learned about human trafficking during the making of this film, she responded, “I’ve worked and thought about sex trafficking for nearly 10 years now. It has changed the way I perceive not only individuals but governments and justice systems.” Read More: Filmmaker Mimi Chakarova bravely explores “The Price of Sex” in new documentary.

“Photojournalist Mimi Chakarova has sought and recorded the stories of Eastern European women who disappeared into the modern-day slave trade of sex trafficking with “The Price of Sex”—a searing new film that opens up this hidden world.” –NPR, Talk of the Nation

Screenings are available in association with the Center for Investigative Reporting.  You can purchase the 73-minute DVD The Price of Sex  from Women Make Movies, an organization that offers films by and about women.  Learn other ways you can get involved and share information about this film. Or, join the conversation on Facebook.

In a recent article, “Ten Years Underground: A Photojournalist’s Quest to Expose the Sex Trade,” by Misty Ericson (Her Circle Magazine), Mimi says, “I feel like I’m lucky not to be in this position. The only thing I can do is tell the story well. This is my gift to these girls.”

What is your gift?  How can you help raise awareness and support justice for victims of sex trafficking?

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The Heart of MARY KAY: Enriching the Lives of Women

What do you think of when you hear “Mary Kay”?  Do you think of the symbolic Mary Kay pink Cadillac, assorted shades of pink lipstick, or a group of women friends gathering to sample new cosmetics and skincare products?  Think again.

Founder Mary Kay Ash said, “I’ve often said that we are doing something far more important than just selling cosmetics; we are changing lives.”  The tagline for the Mary Kay Foundation is, “A Legacy of Love”, born out of Mary Kay Ash’s ongoing desire to help women live better, offer opportunities to give, and bring hope to those less fortunate. The Foundation was launched in 1996 and continues today with the goal of ending the epidemic of violence against women and to end women’s cancers.

Do you know what the #1 cause of injury is for women ages 15 to 44? It is Domestic Violence. There are no boundaries for domestic violence. It affects young and old, rich and poor and reaches across all demographics. Not only do victims suffer physical harm, but psychological and emotional pain as well.

National Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Every October, the Mary Kay Foundation awards grants to women’s domestic violence shelters across the United States. In 2011, the Foundation awarded $20,000 grants to more than 150 women’s domestic violence shelters across the nation for a total of $3 million. Each year, an award is also given to at least one women’s shelter in every state.

Mary Kay Inc. and independent sales force members have lobbied Congress and state legislatures since the 1980s on issues including the Violence Against Women Act and most recently, teen dating violence awareness and prevention.

Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month

On top of that, Mary Kay has also played a partnership role in introducing preventive curriculum for teen dating violence and lending support to the Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month by joining forces with the national nonprofit, Break the Cycle to sponsor its interactive Ending Violence DVD. The film has been made available to schools nationwide since 2010, along with other program tools.

Women’s Cancers

In tandem with advocacy efforts to end violence against women, Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultants are promoting the sixth annual Team Up for Women! ® fundraiser March 23 to May 12.

  • One in three women are diagnosed with some form of cancer during their lifetime.
  • One in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during her lifetime.

In 2011, the Mary Kay Foundation awarded $1.3 million in grants to select doctors and medical scientists focused on cutting-edge research and curing cancers that affect women. Since 1996, the Foundation has given more than $14 million to support this effort.

Mary Kay Ash’s legacy of enriching women’s lives, lives on. From a $5,000 ground-breaking startup in 1963 to a global multibillion-dollar success, she has put her money where her heart is.  Have you ever noticed that there’s something a little extra special that happens when people purpose to think and give outside of themselves? “Before you ever receive the wonderful treasures of a happy life, you must first give. Give of yourself. Be of service to others. Only what you give can be multiplied back into your own life.” –Mary Kay Ash.

Mary Kay Resources & ProgramsSocial Responsibility & Giving Back

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