April McCallum is a writer, artist, advocate, synergist and lover of life!

She is the founder and publisher of Destiny’s Women™, “Championing the Life, Freedom and Destiny of Women™ — a blog designed for women who love life, value freedom, believe in the pursuit of destiny–and those who champion them!

She is also the founder of April McCallum Designs™, “Create an Impression. Celebrate Life with a Twist.™” — a cartoon and advertising service for businesses, fundraising and individuals. April is also the founder and creator of a number of advocacy art collections featuring colorful and sassy illustrations with thought-provoking designs for causes.

She loves to inspire others to realize their potential, connect people with mutual interests and collaborate on creative projects. Some of her interests include writing, research, business, technology, advocacy, psychology, culture, adventure, cartooning, humorous illustration and design.

April is passionate about communication, strategic process, innovation and people. Her diverse portfolio includes a career in the high-tech industry working for Global 500 companies including Intel Corporation, privately held technology and healthcare organizations, non-profits and as an independent professional.

She is involved in a variety of community-based projects and global charity initiatives. A native of Los Angeles, California, she and her husband David now call Northwest Arkansas home. They are the proud parents of two children.

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