Welcome to Destiny’s Women™, a blog designed for women who love life, value freedom, believe in the pursuit of destiny — and those who champion them!

Have you or a woman (or girl) you care about been a victim of abuse, violence or some other life-altering oppression?  Maybe you haven’t personally been a victim of oppression, but you have a heart connection to the profound issues surrounding these topics.

Destiny’s Women is an online venue for women who currently live under oppressive or abusive circumstances and those who have been liberated from them. It is also a place for those who desire to hold out a hand of hope, offering vision and faith for those who are not yet free.

You will find sections that speak to women who are on a journey in pursuit of their personal destiny, those who love them and advocate for their freedom, and those who are living their dreams serving as forerunners of inspiration, challenge and possibility.

“Grant us eyes to see brokenness, ears to hear heart cries, hands to heal, hearts to embrace unconditional love, voices to speak truth, courage to seek justice, spirits of unwavering strength, and a tenacious resolve to make a difference — one precious life at a time.” –April McCallum

Please share this site with women who need to know that their life has value and purpose, and with friends who care about the global issues of life, freedom and the destiny of women.

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